Samsung Galaxy S2

The now famous successor of the Galaxy S is packed with nothing but impressive features. This is the very reason why the Samsung Galaxy S2 reached the top and is still considered as today’s best-selling smartphone. So what makes this handset extremely famous? Well, one of the reasons is because it boasts a powerful Dual-Core 1.2 GHz processor. Another reason is because of its SUPER AMOLED Plus display. If that is not enough, then you should know that it is an Android powered handset OS Version 2.3 (also known as the Gingerbread). But you have to be patient for the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android OS Version 4.0) update that this handset will definitely get this year.

This handset is sleekly designed. You can also expect it to be as light as a feather. The handset actually weighs at 116 grams only. Just because it is lightweight and slim, it doesn’t mean that this handset is all frail. You will definitely be impressed with the technology that is packed under its hood. The handset may be using plastic covers instead of the flashy all-metal chassis, but again it doesn’t mean that it is flimsy. This is also why this handset is not having any signal problems. It is noted that aluminum casings are said to cause problems when it comes to signal. This is why Samsung chose to use the plastic cover instead of the latter. When it comes to the phone’s back cover, you will notice its mesh texture. It actually helps the user to avoid losing grip of the phone. It is also known to keep the user’s palms from sweating and getting warm. This is most especially true when you are using the handset for an extended period of time.

If you look closely at the phone, you will notice its 4.3″ screen. It is truly endowed with eye-catching colors. This is all made possible with the help of its Super AMOLED Plus screen. And the good deal doesn’t end there. This is because the phone’s screen is actually covered with Gorilla Glass. This as we all know it, is a super touch Glass. With this, you will get to experience superb interactive mobile phone experience and also get a sturdier touch screen. Again, it doesn’t end there. You will also get an amazing 8MP camera with a single LED flash. You will get nothing but clear and crisp pictures and videos all the time. As you can see, these are just some of the amazing features that you will get to enjoy if you choose the best-selling smartphone of today. These and more are only from the simply amazing handset, the Samsung Galaxy S2.